The marbella golden mile is the centrepiece of the Costa de Almeria, and an important attraction for those who want to visit this beautiful part of Spain. One of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in Europe, the marbella boasts many attractions. Although some visitors may find the area a little confusing, it offers a variety of different locations and events to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Due to its high profile, visitors are likely to find the marbella marina, the main tourist area of the Costa de Almeria. Here they can sample the traditional Almerian cuisine or find themselves among the fun-loving Costa del Sol inhabitants.

If you do not have time to explore the marbella marina, then you will be pleased to hear that there are many other fascinating places to visit in the Costa de Almeria. Because of its location, this area of Spain is full of beaches, mountains and gardens. And with its fantastic weather, you can also find much variety in the atmosphere, including beaches, sports, music and art. For a romantic getaway, why not consider taking a walk on the beach?

A walk along the oceanfront in Almeria is highly recommended for anyone visiting the city center. In the evening, enjoy the many restaurants and bars, while you can catch some spectacular shows by the beach. An artsy vibe can be found in a number of cities throughout Spain. However, not only are the marbella golden mile full of tourism activities but it is also home to a large variety of cultural offerings. In addition to fine art and history, there are museums, arts centres and other venues.

Among the activities that you may not know about are the legendary boxing tournament, the famous theatre festival, the annual fair, and of course, the many festivals and parties. Not to mention the fact that it has over 100 shops and boutiques selling arts and crafts, jewellery, clothing and many other items.

The Marbella Golden Mile is an ideal base for your trip to the Costa de Almeria. Once you arrive in the city, you will be greeted by people, who will encourage you to relax and get to know them. It will be at this point where you can relax and enjoy yourself in one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants that can be found around the area. The barbell is a stunning location in which to spend your holiday; however, do not allow yourself to be disappointed by its location as once you arrive, you will fall in love with the beautiful seascape that is a Costa de Almeria experience. Enjoy!