In the year 1864, when Spain was fighting the Portuguese on the Iberian Peninsula, Marbella was for a time the capital of the Principality of Castile. As such, it is on the Spanish map of the period and its name was formally changed to Madrid in 1905.

The city of Marbella is still used as the Spanish version of Beverly Hills, California. So, the tourist traffic to the city has been growing steadily in recent years. When you visit Marbella, you are bound to enjoy many attractions and activities.

Marbella is the home of a truly interesting community called Eixample which literally means “the golden city”. Eixample consists of more than 200 and houses some of the finest villas of this era. The picturesque hilltop streets, the ancient churches with modern interpretation, the beautiful architecture, the beautifully planned neighbourhoods, the calming ambiance… All these make Marbella a perfect place to stay while in Spain.

If you are thinking of visiting Eixample and the Golden City of Marbella, your next stop should be a resort town called Sorrento, situated in the north of the country. The climate here is actually more temperate than that of Marbella. Visitors can discover even more surprises if they book a luxury hotel in Sorrento. If you prefer to do some sightseeing and explore the region’s natural beauty, you can go to the hill towns of Alto Palencia and El Dorado to appreciate the local culture.

Holidaymakers in Marbella can discover much in between their visits to Sorrento. Here you can enjoy the Spanish countryside, the beaches, the highlands and mountain landscapes and so much more. All these are guaranteed to satisfy the taste of the most discerning vacationers. For nature lovers and tourists who love to see the spectacular glaciers in the mountain regions, the southern part of the island is really worth a visit. A very compact area, this area of Spain has two very different climates.

If you want to get away from the crowds and bask in the natural beauty of the countryside, the most perfect places to stay are the pampas near Sorrento. Pampas are open meadows where tourists can enjoy the scenery of the landscape as well as the fresh air and grass. A full day out of Marbella to the south offers you the chance to enjoy the area’s remarkable natural beauty.

If you want to relax and recharge your batteries for the day, it is the ideal time to relax and rejuvenate yourself in Spain. Marbella is not just the resort town that you have heard of but also a real treat for the whole family. To really enjoy Spain’s capital and all its rich charm, you will need to invest in a holiday rental in Marbella.