For those tourists who are on holiday in the lovely Spanish coast and looking for some hotels to stay in Marbella or La Manga there are a number of good quality properties available for rent. These modern holiday homes come in a range of different styles and provide a complete escape for those looking for an elegant and comfortable way to spend their holidays.

Spain’s most popular part of the Mediterranean coast is the Costa del Sol and this beach town has several big holiday parks offering a huge selection of activities for the whole family. From yoga classes, to rock climbing and surfing lessons, you will find many things to do in Costa del Sol. In addition to the beach and beautiful sun kissed locations there are some wonderful properties available that can provide a relaxing vacation with great value for money.

Costa del Sol is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays in Spain and Marbella is the ideal location. It is one of the most popular destinations in Spain and features amazing views across the sea. There are many stunning property in Marbella, including a wide range of luxury villas, apartments and holiday cottages for rent.

If you are looking for something a little different then why not try a property with a great selection of restaurants and bars? Although you will be away from home, you will still be able to relax in the exotic atmosphere of the beach. Your hotel is only a short distance away and is very easy to get to as well. There are also some fantastic local attractions in Marbella and you can visit the magnificent Church of Santo Domingo and visit the Temple of Venus for some of the best views over the sea.

Enjoy a Luxury Stay in Spain

If you have not been to Marbella before then you may not know that it is one of the main holiday parks in Spain. It is known for its beaches, restaurants and bars and is also famous for its restaurants and golf courses. This is a fabulous spot to go for some shopping asyou will find the whole of Spain just a few miles away.

If you prefer the laid back style of Spain you will also like Marbella which is situated near the historic region of Malaga which is the home of long narrow streets and narrow cobbled streets. Some of the old buildings in the centre of town have been converted into cafes and bars, so you can enjoy a drink or two along the canal or take your pick of some of the many tasty restaurants. You will not find much in terms of shopping in Marbella but this does not mean you should skip visiting this stunning part of Spain.

The cost of holiday properties in Marbella and La Manga is very reasonable when compared to holiday homes in other parts of Spain. You can enjoy a vacation home or enjoy luxury villas with swimming pools and private gardens. While staying in one of these homes you will enjoy some fabulous views over the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy some fantastic local cuisine.

Holiday villas are a great choice for people who want to enjoy the beach and seaside whilst staying in a beautiful Spain apartment. Prices vary according to the size of the property and the number of bedrooms. Read more here: Holiday Villas in Marbella, Spain