For lovers of fine cuisine, the Marbella is a city of romance. It is famed for its gastronomy and people from all over the world come here to have a taste of the best Marbella has to offer. The climate here makes it ideal for tourists who want to enjoy the beach on the side of the Mediterranean Sea.

The second smallest region in Spain, the Algarve is located on the southwestern coast of Portugal. This region consists of two islands, the Madeira and the Alentejo. Being the smallest island, it shares a border with the Portuguese mainland. The most popular activities in this area are boating, scuba diving, fishing and sailing.

During the summer months, the inland sea is ideal for white water rafting and surfing. It is a common practice to paddle through the waves using a plastic paddle. The waters are warm during the day time and calm at night.

The nightlife in Marbella is famous for its bars and nightclubs. It is a major tourist destination for the British, Irish and European tourists. There are so many bars and pubs in Marbella that it can be hard to choose. The golden triangle is a famous bar which has more than a hundred takers every night.

A trip to Marbella in Spain is a great way to spend your summer holidays. The country is full of sights and sounds that can make you feel like you have travelled back in time. The best time to visit Marbella is between May and October when the weather is suitable for travel. The popularity of the town is such that there are hotels here where you can stay during your stay. For those who are looking for restaurants in Marbella, there are plenty of options to choose from. The area has plenty of choice as most of the restaurants in Marbella are located inside the beachfront bars. Most of the restaurants in Marbella are found in Algarve’s centre. The beaches in the area are also ideal for eating and relaxing with a drink.

Visitors to Marbella can go to the Santa Lucia hill or Alport beach to enjoy some rest and relaxation. They can also take a walk around the town for a panoramic view of the beautiful beaches in the region. The city has four beaches namely, Santa Cruz, Calais, Calaisset and Centro Marbella.

Taking a cruise holiday in Marbella is an ideal idea for those who want to experience the romantic atmosphere of Spain. The fabulous beaches, thrilling activities and beautiful natural landscapes all combine to create a vacation of a lifetime. So make your travel plans and take a trip to Marbella in Spain to enjoy the best that Spain has to offer.