Spanish holidays are the best way to really get away from the everyday, mundane routines and to get away from the humdrum life in London and the chaos of life on the top floors of the city. For me, the beautiful Costa Del Sol offers a truly spectacular and truly unique place to go when on holiday in Spain.

As the name suggests, Costa Del Sol is actually a lake in the Costa de La Gomera, which has been historically a key crossing point for the trade of olive oil and wine. It is still a place where people come to visit and to settle down for the winter, with its incomparable Italian style architecture, the ever-shifting sands and still water on its beaches and the wide expanse of green and pleasant scenery around it all.

Due to the climate in the Costa Del Sol, it is an ideal location for both summer and winter holidays. The climate is perfectly warm, with heavy rainfall in the spring and summer months but cooler in the winter. It is also good for skiing and water sports, especially since the weather is never harsh during these months.

In addition to its famous nightlife, the Costa Del Sol is known for its wonderful beaches, which are ideal for swimming or surfing. It has several incredible beaches such as Portimao, San Antonio, Casimiro and Llobregat, to name but a few.

If you’re interested in shopping, the Costa Del Sol has some fantastic shopping centres and small local outlets, such as Valladolid in Spain and Barcelona. While on holiday, visit the beautiful San Jose markets where you can buy souvenirs, bags and clothing. When in Spain, then the first thing you must do is visit Marbella and its famous beach, Campeche. The beaches in Marbella are absolutely incredible and they have probably the best white sandy beaches in Spain.

Marbella also has some stunning restaurants and nightlife so if you want to spend a few days enjoying your holiday, then it’s well worth booking your Marbella hotel and spending your time out here. Also there are several Spanish night clubs, where you can dance to the rhythms of the night and get into some real fun.

On your trip to Marbella, look for the many lakeside hotels and holiday apartments, that offer the most luxurious accommodation in Marbella and its surrounds. The best part is, they are located just off the beach so that you can enjoy a relaxing and unique holiday whilst staying at the holiday parks and villas.