An expat’s dream destination: Marbella, Spain. This is a place where culture meets nature, art meets history and style meets nightlife, bringing you into the region that is now a major tourist attraction.

Located in the south-west of Spain, Marbella is a place to be because of its similarities with the traditional, coastal area of Catalonia. This area is known for its beaches, restaurants, the best shopping in the world, and of course, the best nightlife. This is an amazing combination of cultures that all work well together.

The main road into Marbella is called “La Primavera.” This road runs from La Linea and the Costa del Sol, passing through the towns of Malaga, Bilbao, and Granada. These places are also visited by thousands each year who want to see the difference between the traditional and modern Spanish life. Along the way you will visit some of the most popular sites in Marbella. You can get to Marbella by ferry boat or car, the most popular way to get to Marbella from mainland Spain is by car. Just make sure that you are very well prepared, as there are many roads in Marbella that are not well marked, so it may take you awhile to find your way around.

There are two types of food in Marbella: one is the formal cuisine that is provided by the local restaurants along the road (especially the ones that are around the beach) while the other is the street food of the locals. The two types of food should be quite different but the similarities cannot be denied, since both have a difference in price.

You can visit any top resorts in Marbella without ever having to leave the beaten path. This is what makes Marbella so special. Every part of the town is well equipped with everything that you need for your trip.

People from around the world are very impressed with the environment of Marbella. There are many tourists who come to Marbella just to see the rainforest and enjoy the scenery of the city and countryside. If you are someone who wants to see a lot of things in a short period of time, then Marbella is definitely for you. This is a small region, but is an area that is very well known for its unique culture and arts. If you want to enjoy the culture of Spain without spending a fortune, then Marbella would be the perfect place for you.